With finals coming up, don’t forget to make use of the business center and study rooms to ace your classes. To reserve a study room, call the office at (573) 214-2323. Good luck on finals!

Maintenance Tips

Do you have questions about something in your apartment? Contact us through your resident portal at http://studentlivingcolumbia.com/thedomainatcolumbia/residents. You can also submit maintenance requests via the portal. Please provide as much detail as possible when submitting a work order.

For questions about utility overages, please call Conservice at (866) 254-4577. When adjusting your thermostat, leave your fan on the auto position and press “hold” to keep the temperature constant and help reduce utilities. Make sure to close and lock all windows before leaving your apartment.

Reminders & Updates

  • Finals are around the corner! Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and keeping up with your studies.
  • Stop by the office in the morning during finals week for some breakfast to go!
  • We have been notified of several incidents occurring on the property and within the University of Missouri community.
  • Multiple cars have recently had their windshields broken. It appears that nothing was stolen, and the windshields were broken by a BB gun. Please know that we have talked with Signal 88, and they are aware of the situation. BB guns and other types of weapons are prohibited on the property. If you have any information regarding these incidents, please email manager@domainatcolumbia.com.
  • As always, if you see or hear any suspicious behavior on the property, please contact the office at (573) 214-2323. Signal 88 which can be reached at the same number after hours or at (573) 234-3864, or you can also call 911.
  • Additionally, the Student Health Center has confirmed that several students have the mumps. Please note that the virus is spread through saliva or mucus from the mouth, nose, and throat. An infected person can spread the virus by coughing, sneezing, talking, sharing cups and utensils, or touching objects with unwashed hands that are then touched by others. To protect yourself, you should wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer. If you suspect you might have mumps, call your healthcare provider or the Student Health Center at (573) 882-7481.

Learn. Celebrate. Observe. Grow.

The month of December marks a number of religious and cultural holidays. During this season, we encourage you to learn more about your friends and neighbors as we celebrate the differences that make us unique and the similarities that bring us together in our communities.


  • December 8 is Bodhi Day. This Buddhist holiday commemorates the day the historical Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, reached enlightenment under the Bodhi tree at Bodhgaya, India.
  • December 12 is Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This day honors the belief that Jesus’ mother Mary appeared to a man in Mexico City in 1531.
  • December 12 is also the Prophet’s Birthday, or Mawlid as it is commonly known in Muslim culture. The day celebrates the birth of the prophet, Muhammad.
  • December 16–24 is Las Posadas. During this nine-day celebration — celebrated chiefly in Mexico, Guatemala, and the southwestern United States — the trials Mary and Joseph endured during their journey to Bethlehem are reenacted.
  • December 21 is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day and the longest night of the year. Worldwide, this has been recognized in various ways across cultures, including many focused on rebirth and renewal.
  • December 24–January 1 is Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights. This eight-day Jewish holiday is observed by lighting candles on a menorah, one for each day of the festival.
  • December 25 is Christmas, an important holiday in the Christian religion representing the birth of Jesus Christ. It is traditionally celebrated with gift giving and candle lighting.
  • December 26–January 1 is Kwanzaa, a weeklong African-American celebration started by Maulana Karenga in 1966 to celebrate universal African heritage in African-American culture. It is observed by lighting candles each day to represent each of the holiday’s seven core principles, culminating in a feast and gift giving.

We wish each of you a wonderful month and an enjoyable winter break!

Community Event Calendar

Happy holidays! We hope you join us for our holiday festivities.

  • Soldiers’ Angels Christmas Cards — December 1–12 — Stop by the front desk to write a holiday card for one of our valiant soldiers around the world!
  • Almeta Crayton Memorial Toys for Columbia’s Youth — December 1–9 — We’ll be working with the Columbia toy drive to help give kids across Columbia a fantastic holiday season!
  • December Open House — December 2 — Stop by the clubhouse for free food and treats — and renew your lease!
  • Christmas Wreaths — December 5 @ 6 p.m.— Meet us in the clubhouse to make the perfect wreath and show your holiday spirit!
  • Holiday Cookie Decorating — December 6 @ 6:30 p.m. — Join us as we decorate homemade sugar cookies with festive designs!
  • Ornament Making 101 — December 8 @ 2:30 p.m. — Take a break from studying for finals and come make a holiday ornament!
  • Finals Breakfast — December 12–16 — Stop by the clubhouse for breakfast to go before you head off to take your finals!